Alusta Artworks serves as the public Identity and commercial outlet for the artworks of Jon Ollila.
I am a Fine Art painter and craftsman working out of a turn of the century "work in progress" carriage barn on the south shore of Lake
Superior. Since earning my B.F.A in studio art in 1997 I have been working the grind, Broadening my understanding of the trades and arts.
Things that are fast and easy never did attract my attention. All things ambitious, creative and extraordinary for as long as I can remember
     In our culture we rarely have design in mind. This concern has been all but totally lost. Living, Breathing spiritual beings need flow. We
need organic natural surroundings or aspects of these things that evoke a feeling or awaken a memory of such; culture, history, Earth, life,
water, sun, breathing room…
Our need for mass production has steadily been destroying our quality of life. I am on board with those whose goal it is to place importance
back on things which are most important and, on whatever level, uplift, awaken, inspire and strengthen our spirit.
     I have never been able to choose. Because a work needs what it needs I can’t justify taking some of the tools out of the box. This
would be my apology for being a painter, sculptor, woodworker, builder, drum maker and musician should I need one.
     Most clearly a painter by definition, I tend to approach all works in that fashion. The natural aspects of things and that which is attracted
into their orbit must not be ignored; however, it is the artist's reaction to and inspiration from these natural elements that can truly make them
sing in both process and product. It may be inlays, carvings or coloring. It could be a chair, a totem, a drum or a song. All things are paintings
to me.
     Because Integrity and a reach for perfection to the artist or craftsman is the goal, the process will always be more important than the
product.  It is a deep admiration for tradition and values that keep me grounded and guarantees all my work to be archival and of the highest
Thank you for visiting Alusta Artworks. I hope you enjoy my work, and please contact me with any inquiries, purchase, repair, commission
or otherwise.
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